Astrology Readings with Robin

Astrology Readings with Robin

Real Life Solutions for Real Life Problems using your personal astrology chart and special techniques


Hello and welcome to my world of astrology. As a professional astrologer since 1986, I have enjoyed doing astrology readings with clients from every part of the U.S. and quite a few international locations as well. I like to say that I do practical astrology readings for practical problems. Real Life Astrology is for all of you who would like to improve your life and understand your issues and the cycles of your life. Astrology is a tool for self-understanding and problem solving and I am always honored to help you on your journey. I employ several methods in my astrology counseling including Cosmobiology techniques and the use of the 14,000 minor named asteroids. My job is to help you find direction in your life and assist you in understanding who you are.

Some of my Specialties include: Psychological Astrology, Predictive Astrology, Career Astrology, Relationship Compatibility, Relocation Astrology, and Asteroid Astrology. Just click the links to find out all about each specialty and how it works in your chart. I do readings over the phone and two-way record them for you. I also do email mini astrology readings.

If you would like to schedule a phone astrology reading for yourself, go to the Astrology Readings page for the how to and how much and contact me with any questions you have that aren’t answered there.

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