October 25, 2006

October 25, 2006

Grad School Acceptance – My daughter has just been accepted to Grad School which is something she has wanted very badly and which she did not get on her application to another school earlier this year in spite of stellar academics and being a Phi Beta Kappa. This time we had a winner! Here are the asteroids involved astrologically. Academia was passing over the planet in her chart that rules the 9th house of higher education and aspecting her Moon in the sixth house of work and daily activities. Her purpose for grad school is a career in School Psychology which will be her daily routine once she graduates. The asteroid Education was aspecting her ascendant. Her natal Sun is joined by natal asteroid University and the transiting asteroids to them were Eros (what we are passionate about), Fortuna for good fortune and Klotho for new beginnings. Another asteroid for new beginnings and successful enterprises, Ganesa, was transiting her MC and the asteroid University was just 2 degrees to conjuncting her ASC. Remember that the asteroids move very quickly and are only in orb to anything in our charts for a day or so for the most part, so they do tell the story as they dance through our charts!

Jobby-jobs! – I have a Gemini MC. Of course I have been in a lot of different occupations and usually two different ones at the same time. The MC and 10th house is the career area of the chart, and the second house is how you earn money, while the 6th is your day to day working environment. My Moon is in my 10th house of career and my Sun is connected to the second of how I earn money. Hind sight is fun and I will share mine with you, but the real value in knowing that these work is in helping my clients with their entry or shifts into a career or job selection. I am my own best example so here it goes.

My early years in Hawaii were spent in the restaurant and bar business. The Asteroid for restaurants is BISTRO aspecting my Moon and for bars BACCHUS which aspects my MC. I did a brief but exciting stint as a hand on a sailboat across the Pacific when I was young. The asteroids we have for boats are ALKU on my MC and ANDREA DORIA on my Moon. I started my Astrology business in Reno in 1986 and that has been the constant in my life since then. The asteroids for astrology are ASTROWIZARD on my Moon, CHALDEA on my Sun and STARGAZER on my Moon. I have a psychological slant to my astrology counseling and have FREUD on my Sun and PSYCHE on my MC (Psyche works for psychic work too and I have been know to read the cards as well) I have worked in nutritional counseling. AESCULPIA for health matters is on my Moon and HAHN which is used for alternative health remedies, aspects my MC. BOURGEOIS refers to retail shops. I worked in a luggage shop in Aspen and that asteroid falls on my relocated Aspen ASC. DUFFEL falls on my Moon. I have been in the gym business for quite a number of years. HERCULINA and HEPHAISTOS (working with iron, pumping iron?) are both aspecting my Sun. I do weight loss counseling – POUNDS on my Moon. I was in real estate, specifically selling land to spec builders – HOUSE and CARPENTER on my MC. Then next to Astrology, my favorite job, Art Galleries. The designated asteroids are SAPPHO (galleries) HARMONIA & MUSA (art) PICASSO, GAUGUIN AND REMBRANDT all on my Moon and DALI on MC. The asteroids for long distance travel are ODESSA and NESTOR, on my Moon and MC respectively and confirming my job as a trip director in Europe. I do contract work in small business marketing which is indicated by the asteroid PALLAS which is also on my Moon. The combination of the asteroids ARCHANE & WEAVER (webs) with ASC11 (computer language) comes up as websites. I created and run a major astrology directory on the web and of course now have my own as well. And I am seeing more to come. INDUSTRIA & VESTA are both asteroids for work (I use this a lot in transits when people are looking for jobs) they both aspect my Moon while ENTERPRISE aspects my Sun. That pretty much details my career history and I thought it was pretty mind boggling when it all came up in asteroids in all the right places. Believe me, it was a real attention getter!

Places – Asteroids have been named for locations all over the world. Being somewhat of a gypsy, I have lived and spent time in a lot of places. I thought I would show you how those places show up in my chart. I was born in Iowa, that asteroid aspects my Moon. We moved to Northern California in the Bay Area when I was 13. The asteroids SAN JOSE and BERKLEY both aspect my Sun. I moved to Hawaii right after high school. PELE is the asteroid we use for Hawaii and it aspects my Sun. We left Hawaii in 1983 to go to N. Nevada and shortly there after to Colorado and back to Nevada again. Sparks is the asteroid we use for N. Nevada and it aspects my Moon. Alamosa is for Colorado and it falls on my MC. Back to Colorado for another 4 years then off to Washington for a 4 year stint near the little town of Rainier. WASHINGTON aspects my Sun and RAINIER aspects my moon. Next came Santa Fe. The asteroid we use for that is ESCALANTE which falls on my Sun and also HOPI, indicating that part of the country. Back to Reno for 3 years then back to Colorado in the Boulder/Denver area specifically Louisville when I returned. The asteroid for LOUISVILLE aspects my Moon, AURORA aspects my Sun and BOULDER is on my relocated ASC. for this area. Places I have spent time in. NASHVILLE and MEMPHIS plus MASON-DIXSON all aspecting my Moon. This was a family connection. I spent quite a bit of time up in Hamilton MT. where I have some very close friends. HAMILTON aspects my Node (associations) and MONTANA is on my MC. I spent time in EUROPE working with a travel company, which aspects my MC. These are important places in my life that are in important places in my chart. Go figure.

Inheritance – I have a friend who’s father died recently and left her a house and some money. Looking at her natal asteroid placements, we find HOUSE, GIFTS, and the midpoint for death, Mars/Saturn all on her A/M midpoint at about 18 Taurus. Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune were transiting this point when the death occurred. The combination of the three planets are known for good luck, money without effort and a release from tensions. The loss of a family member is sad and yet he left her on a high note with financial help. Additionally, her progressed ASC. is aspecting the asteroid GOLD. Her natal Sun (representing men in our lives) was being aspected by the directed Mars/Saturn midpoint indicating the death of a male in her life. Astrology in action! If there are asteroid names for your loved ones, you will find it very interesting to see where they fall in your chart. The names of all three of my children aspect my ASC. along with the asteroid named CHILD. The ASC. has the midpoints for “fortunate associations” (Jup/node) and “wealth” (Jup/Pl) connected to it as well. My wealth is my children and how lucky I am to have them in my life. Very fortunate associations!

My future son-in-law made a sudden decision to have laser surgery on his eyes this week to correct his vision. He has been wearing glasses since about age 18. Astrologically the sun and moon have reference to the eyes. Here is what we have in transits: Astraea – eye problems, sight, was aspecting his directed moon, Heimdal – eye sight, was aspecting his natal moon, Horus – farsightedness, was aspecting his MC. Asclepius – health matters, dealing with medical personnel, was aspecting his ASC. Eureka – joy, was aspecting his MC and Panacea – cure, was aspecting his moon. Now how right on is that! Funny little rocks! Add the Mars/Uranus midpoint for operations aspecting his ASC. and the sun/moon (eyes) midpoint aspecting the ASC. too and you have Michael’s day in laser surgery. I am always amazed! In his natal chart we find that Horus aspects his ASC., Heimdal aspects his mc., and Astraea aspects his moon. I think everything about our lives are in our chart if we can just find it!

Asteroids of loveEros – passion, sexual attraction and romantic love Amor – unconditional love in both romance and platonic relationships Anteros– mutual love Anacreon – love and friendship Medea – extreme love, love/hate relationships Sappho and Ophelia – unrequited love, disappoints in love Accident – My good friend has had a very difficult year with problems with her car. Her faithful Saturn has had a number of calamities this year and then yesterday she was back-ended at a stop light with a great deal of damage to her car. When these occurrences began I looked at her chart and she was experiencing this rather prolonged back and forth transit of Saturn to her Natal Sun. That can often represent ill health but I needed see why the car issues were constantly present. Aha, the asteroid for cars is Phaeton which is right on her Natal Sun. There is the car issue. Several things were happening. First her progressed Sun and Phaeton are aspecting her Natal Saturn in her chart this year. Second, the transiting Saturn has been aspecting her Natal Sun and Phaeton. A trigger needs to be present when a transit is sitting long term. This was occurring in the last go around and yesterday the trigger was the Moon and Mars with Saturn to her natal Sun, Phaeton. The midpoint for accidents is Mars/Uranus which was aspecting her Progressed Sun, Phaeton which is in hard aspect to Natal Saturn. The other significant asteroid in this transit pattern yesterday was Anubis which is one of the ending asteroids. We shall see if her trusty Saturn car survives this last crisis. A new dog – This is a case of a lovely woman whose Children are out of the nest and who has decided to adopt a puppy. She is supposed to be able to bring the new dog home by June 27th and thinking she will be getting a male, she has decided on the name Alphie for him. She asked me to take a look at the asteroids so here we go! We have two asteroids that we use for dogs. One is Beagle and the other from mythology, Cerberus. Natally she has Beagle on her Moon and Cerberus on her Venus which of course indicates love and in her case rules her 4th house of family. So we have the natal promise of a dog in her life as part of her family. The name she chose falls on her Sun and Mercury. Mercury represents children and young people and the Sun is the male factor. Next I looked at the transiting asteroids for the time that she anticipates bringing the dog home. The dog’s name aspects Jupiter in her chart, indicating a positive experience which also aspects the asteroid Child. She will have a new child in the house in the form of a fur people. Both Beagle and Cerberus are transiting over her Sun and Mercury at that time. This is looking like a very wonderful addition to her family.

A Bunny Tale – I had a bunny once and he died after only a year and I was very sad for a long time after that. I would get very teary thinking of what I could have done better to prevent his premature death. It has been quite a long time since I have thought about it but suddenly it all welled up in me on my walk the other morning. I found myself communing with my bunny telling him I am sorry I didn’t make better decisions and that I loved him and missed him and asked for his forgiveness. Then suddenly a little field bunny ran right across my path, stopped to look at me, seemed to smile and hopped off into a really beautiful meadow with blossoming trees. I thought what a beautiful place for a bunny to live. My bunny lived in the house, not in a cage because he wouldn’t stay in one for any amount of time, he wanted freedom. I felt bad because we didn’t have a fence and I couldn’t let him out but gave him the freedom I could in his short life. What came to me was that my bunny sent me a sign. If bunnies reincarnate, my bunny will always be a wild free bunny. That is my bunny tale. These are the asteroids. The asteroid for rabbits is Haas. It was crossing my ASC. along with Jupiter/Uranus which is a release of tension and also indicates freedom. The asteroids Melpomene (tragedy) Anubis (death) and the asteroid Grieve were all aspecting my Venus, the planet of love. Panacea (cure) and one of the health asteroids were on my Sun. The asteroid Memoria (memory) was on my relocated ASC. The story in the asteroids is of a memory of the tragedy of the illness and death of my bunny because I couldn’t find a cure for him and how I grieved. The bunny that crossed my path seemed to tell me bunny was free and I had a great release of tension very suddenly (Jupiter/Uranus). I think I was forgiven at least I felt I was. Illness – This concerns someone with an illness that remains undiagnosed after 5 years but continues to cause a great deal of pain for which the doctors have not been able to find a cure. She has gone to alternative therapies and is seeing an EFT practioner today that also works with homeopathy. I looked at the asteroids and this is what we have. The asteroid for homeopathic medicine is Hahn is aspecting her MC today. The asteroid we use for energy medicine is Reiki (the EFT would fall under that) and is aspecting her Sun (body) and her Saturn/Neptune midpoint (chronic ill health). Eureka (joy) and Aesculapaia (health issues) are aspecting her Venus which rules her house of family. We are pretty sure this is an autoimmune disease coming through the female side of the family. Lastly, I looked for Panacea (cure of all ills) and was pleased to see it aspecting her natal Jupiter which rules her house of health. There is a lot of promise in these transiting asteroids today. I will let you know if they keep their promise. College acceptance – My adult son was accepted into school today for the Physical Therapy Assistant program which thrilled us all including him. He worked hard to get there and it certainly paid off. The transits today included the Jupiter/Uranus midpoint (release of tension, sudden positive turn in life circumstances) aspecting his natal Sun, directed MC, and Uranus which resides in his career house. Transiting Uranus, the Sun, Moon and Saturn were also in the same aspect. Remember that Saturn represents our careers, commitment and will often bring us something solid and long term. This is a career step for him. The asteroids involved in this aspect are Agitia (he was certainly nervous anticipating the letter and what it would bring) and Felicititias (good luck and happy circumstances). Ops (abundance) was also in aspect. The asteroids, Enterprise & Education were aspecting his natal Venus which rules his house of work and everyday routine. He will be in a year long program 5 days a week all day. Mercury is the Ruler of his MC and both transiting Jupiter and Pluto (the combination indicates success) are aspecting it along with transiting Saturn/Neptune (health issues i.e. therapy) indicating a very good career choice for him. Additionally Felicia (good luck) and Ganesa (successful enterprises, wealth and wisdom) are aspecting his Mercury. Last but not least, transiting University is transiting over his MC today. He has three versions of his name available in the asteroids and one of them was aspecting his Sun, one was aspecting his Mercury and the last one was aspecting his Uranus in his career house. There you have it. If there is anyone who does not believe in a divine synchronicity, surely the appearance of these asteroids in our charts should make us take a second look.

A Passing of an Uncle – This is a case of the passing of an Uncle who had been seriously ill for many years and just passed on this last week. We are looking at the niece’s chart. First we need to know that the 6th and 12th houses of a chart rule Aunts and Uncles. If there are no planets in the appropriate house we look to see if the ruler of that house is implicated. In this case the ruler for the house indicating the Uncle is Mercury and the most common midpoint for death, Mars/Saturn was aspecting it the day he died along with also aspecting her moon which in her chart rules her 8th house of death. The asteroids were also clear indicators. Transiting Chiron (in my experience most always involved in death in spite of it being known for healing) was aspecting her Natal Mars/Saturn midpoint. Transiting Atropos (death, endings) was transiting her Sun (man), Anubis (death) and Libitina (funerals) were aspecting her ASC as was Epimetheus (all human ills). The asteroid Grieve was aspecting the planet that rules Aunts in her chart. Lastly, her Uncle’s name was Ray and the Asteroid Ray aspects her ASC/MC midpoint natally which is being transited by Saturn currently. We are all sorry for this loss for her and her family but I wanted to demonstrate the continuing amazement of the sychronicity we find in the midpoint and asteroids in our charts.

Interesting Offer – I just returned from a two day trip to Santa Fe for a meeting with an artist. Just for the record, one of the asteroids for art, Harmonia, was transiting my MC as were the two asteroids for New Mexico, Tsia & Las Cruces. I have found that place names show up uncannily in all trips. When I got home and checked my messages, I had one from a man named Brian who wanted to talk to me about doing a radio-internet show as the host for a series on astrology. It was quite out of the blue. He found me though my website. Here is the fun stuff. One of the asteroids for astrology, Urania was transiting natal Sun and Mercury (communication and also the ruler of my chart) along with Jupiter, Euphemia, for “good speech making” and the asteroid (yes there is one) radiocommunications. Eros (one’s passion, which is astrology for me) was also transiting with them. That is just the beginning. Vesta (work and jobs) was in my 6th house of work on the VT. The asteroids Stargazer, Seimei (astrology expert) Geisha (asteroid for entertainers) and Education (this is an informative program) were all on the MC (career point) along with the asteroid Justus (a legal contract for multiple weeks is involved) and Brian which is the name of the man that called. We are not through yet. The other two asteroids for astrology, Chaldea & Astrowizard were transiting my Moon which is in my 10th house of career and which natally carries several astrology asteroids, and the asteroid Ganesa which is for new successful beginnings. The event chart for the call had the transiting Moon and MC, both aspecting my Sun and Mercury. Based on this line-up, I will look at the proposition seriously. Stay tuned!

Puppy Love – I had a call from two people close to me who have been pet-less since they have been together these last six years, to tell me they got an adorable little puppy yesterday. Someone brought them into their office and they fell in love and took one home. There are two asteroids that we use for dogs (asteroids are symbolic not specific). They are Beagle and Cerebus. Natally, Beagle conjuncts his Sun which Mercury was transiting yesterday and Cerebus which conjuncts his natal Mercury was being transited by Saturn. Natally, Beagle was being transited by the Moon for her yesterday and Jupiter was transiting her natal Cerebus. Transiting Beagle was in hard aspect to her MC and transiting Cerebus was in hard aspect to his MC. Cosmic coincidence or cosmic synchronicity?

Real Estate Reflections – A colleague of mine once told me that she has observed that each time her daughter bought or sold a house the asteroid House has been involved. It has been many years since I owned my own home and I really have had no desire to do so until recently when those old feelings started coming up again. I checked out my chart and my solar arc directed House is in hard aspect to my MC this year. Aha, so that is where the stirring is coming from. I actually checked into some real estate this week and low and behold, transiting House is also setting off my chart. Looking back, I saw that my directed House asteroid was in hard aspect to my ASC. in 1986 when I built my own house in Reno. The urge at that time for my own house was completely overwhelming and the project consumed me for a year. We had our own home in Maui and a look at the charts revealed that my natal asteroid House was conjunct my re-located MC in Maui and I had a major transit to that point the year that we bought it. I was also feeling very compelled then to have our own home. It seems unlikely that I will be buying a home at this stage of my life but the desire is certainly there and certainly strong. House was also on my Solar return ASC. for this year too!

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