March 25, 2011

March 25, 2011

In Memory of Fluffy –  am writing this exactly 2 years after the event.  It has taken a long time to look at it from an astrological perspective and strangely it is harder this year than last (hard to believe that is possible).  2008-2009 was hard and filled with illness and death.  After long difficult illnesses, my daughters beautiful Mitty Cat died of lymphoma on Jan. 29, 2009.  She was only 7 and too young to go. My big, beautiful green eyed Fluffy had a mysterious disease and wasted away until at last we had to let him go on March 25, 2009 at 18 years old. After years of living with a horrible auto-immune disease that left her totally disabled at the end, my sister died suddenly in the hospital where they were treating her for a lung infection, of a sudden heart attack. What I found in her case, is that her death from her perspective showed a very different story than it did from mine and her son Jeffrey.  Death is part of life but we usually don’t do so well with it when it comes to those we love.  I hope that the astrology I am going to share with you, will help with perspective in your own lives.  I will address all these three events but today, on the 2nd anniversary of my Fluffy’s passing I will start with him. 

I did not have a birth chart for Fluffy but my dear close friend and fellow astrologer has shared a system that she uses called the astrology alphabet.  It has proven uncannily accurate and she is writing a book on it.  His name, Fluffy came out to 16 degrees of Cancer which conjuncts my natal Mars which rules my 8th house (death among other things)  It falls in my 7th house of partnership and he was my constant companion for all of his 18 years.  Because this has been such a hard day for me I decided to look at today’s chart and ended up running it just minutes after the time of death two years ago.  The first thing to look at is the transiting moon which was in hard aspect to Mars-Fluffy in my natal chart and transiting mars is also aspecting it.  Atropos (death/fate),farpoint, and Utopia (I trust he is in his Utopia far from earth) was aspecting my natal mars as well.  Venus and Neptune (spiritual love) is aspecting my natal ASC which has the nodes (karmic connections) and my mars/Saturn midpoint (death) attached to it. Transiting Saturn and the asteroid Angel are square my natal Mars/Fluffy.  My natal Moon (emotions, family) had the most aspects.  Transiting Mars/Saturn midpoint (death) was aspecting it and death was the emotion I am dealing with. I wasn’t sure how I was going to deal with this today and then decided to stand back from it and research the astrology to get some perspective.  Appropriately transiting Jupiter/Uranus (a release from tension) was also on my Moon.  Today’s asteroids aspecting my moon are Cheshire Cat, Child (he was my baby), and Karma.

The day and time of Fluffy’s death – I wanted him to choose his own time but instead he hung on, I think to make me let go.  March 23, My vet was clear that I needed to assist him out and set it up for two days later.  I was still not ready and swore I would not set up any charts but I did run one when I got up and was startled to see that it was a death chart.  The message was clear, the decision made suddenly.  My son was with me and took over and drove us to the vet’s and went through the process with me. It was a stormy rainy day and my grief knew no bounds.  I held him and his death was gentle.  His little heart just stopped beating and he was gone.  After some time, I released him to the vet to send his little body to the crematorium. The death chart for Fluffy aspected my chart in the followings ways.

My Moon, Saturn/Neptune (long chronic illness) was aspected by transiting Sun in Aries (action) and Mars/Saturn midpoint (death in the family). Asteroids that were aspecting my Moon – Adorea(to adore), Aeternitas (long life, he was 18 years old), angel (he became at that moment),Diana (rules animals), Icaras (his spirit was left free, his poor decimated body was cremated),Karma (it was his time), Vet (he died at the vet’s by the hand of the Vet).

My Natal Sun was aspected by Astro wizard and Star Gazer (astrologer), Cheshire Cat, Fanaleand Protogenia (one’s children i.e. my son who stood with me).

My Natal Mars was aspected by transiting N. Node and Mars/Neptune midpoint (wasting away of muscles-he wasted away from 17lbs. to 4), Moon/Uranus (sudden loss of a family member-I made the decision and carried it out immediately).  The transiting Asteroids to my Mars-Fluffy wereEros (love and also the heart), Memoria (he will always remain in my memory), and storm(which described the conditions of the day). God willing, we will do another round together when conditions are right.  If not, I hope he is there for me on that rainbow bridge.  

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