June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011

Remembrance – Last night was the second anniversary of my sisters death.  She had suffered with a horrible auto-immune disease for well over a decade when she became dehydrated and ended up in the hospital, contacted a lung infection there and ultimately died very suddenly of a heart attack (no known heart disease).  It was sudden and unexpected.  We were all sure she would be out of the hospital and on the road to recovery in a few days.  To say we were close is an understatement.  I never thought I would be living my life without her.  She was the bravest person I have ever known and she bore her disease with humor and grace.  My sadness was over-whelming yesterday so I looked at the stars to see what they were saying to me and they said it’s okay to be sad.  Pluto (death) Anubis (death) and Mars/Saturn (death) were all aspecting my moon (emotions, family, female).  Fanale (finality), Grieve, and her name, Elena were all on my Sun.  Farpoint and Paradise  fell on my North node (family and her current location).  Amore (love) and Karma aspected Venus and Mars, my planets for siblings and death.  Isis (sisters) was aspecting my ASC and Node and natal mars/Saturn (death).  The stars were reflecting my emotional and mental state. 

2009 was a year of serious losses and I have written about my sisters cat, and my cat Fluffy who was with me 18 years.  I have yet to write of beautiful Mitty but that will come later.  I do this because we all need to make some sense of death of those we love and of our own eventually.  I am going to share the significance of the asteroids and planets for my sister’s death and how they reflected differently on her chart, mine and her son Jeffrey’s chart.  They show a very different experience for the one who has passed than the one’s left.

The abundance of asteroids is so great that I am going to name them for each of us without talking about what they were aspecting in the chart.  Anyone wanting to email me is welcome to more detailed information.

Elena – The midpoints for a weakened body (sun/Neptune), ill health (Saturn/Neptune), infection (mars/Neptune) death (mars/Saturn) and heart attack (sun/Uranus) were all prominent and described the event.  Interestingly the midpoint for a  restoration of health (sun/Jupiter) was also crossing her MC which makes me know that she truly was released from illness and pain by the death experience.  The asteroids follow:  Aesculpia (illness), Atropos (death) Anubis (death) Eros (heart) Fanale (finality) again describing the circumstances of the day.  But then we have Angel, Child (her son was the last person with her)compassion, Far point, Harmonia ( I believe she at last felt harmony with herself), Karma (it was her time)Persephone  (The myth describing death and rebirth) Utopia (I hope her new place was everything she ever wanted) and finally Wisdom.

Jeffrey and myself had many of the same midpoints and asteroids but it was interesting to see that that I had an unexpected event (mars/Uranus) and a sudden loss (Saturn/Uranus).  Jeffrey had moon/Uranus (sudden separation with a female or mother) Saturn/node (loss of a family member) and Jupiter/Uranus on his moon indicating a sudden release of tension for the mother.   Grieve was in our charts but not hers.  So there it is and last night I decided what I must do is to move past my grief and celebrate her release from all she endured for so long.  I hope she’s dancing.

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