April 17, 2012

April 17, 2012

More real estate – I love the asteroid House.  We have family who had decided to make a move and put their house up for sale expecting a long progress of waiting for a viable sale since the market is not that strong and there was quite a bit for sale in their area.  In less than two weeks they had one viable offer that was dependent on the house appraisal and in less than two hours after that, a second offer came in at over full price and was all cash!  The deal is done.  Here are the asteroid details. 

The transiting asteroid house was in an exact aspect with her natal asteroid house and her MC and his natalhouse and his Sun.  The transiting Moon was also aspecting both.  Additionally the midpoints Venus/Jupiter (joy and love), Sun/Jupiter (material success) and Sun/Mercury (success in business deals) were also in this position.  Her directed natal house is aspecting her natal Moon in her 4th house (home, family, real estate) and his natal directed house is conjuncting his IC (4th house cusp).  another interesting asteroid in the mix was Midas (ample money) aspecting his Sun and ASC, and her ASC.

As for the planets, our prime player was transiting Uranus which brings the unexpected to us and events that seems to jump out of the blue.  Appropriately it was aspecting her natal Uranus which rules her house of contracts and his Mercury which rules contracts as well.  Astrology synchronicity is magical.

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