About Robin

About Robin

My interest in astrology took root in my early 20’s and by 1986 I was doing astrology readings professionally. My astrology readings have a psychological bent using a variety of techniques including Cosmobiology and the use of 13,000 minor name Asteroids. I received my certificate of completion in Cosmobiology in 1995. Both have added detail to my chart interpretations that are not possible with traditional Western Astrology alone. My specialties include Asteroid astrology, relationship compatibility, career astrology, relocation astrology and future forecasting using transits, solar and lunar returns and solar arc directions. I offer full astrology readings on the phone and also email consultations for updates when requested. Go to Astrology Services for details.

On a personal note I am a single lady with a wonderful very close knit family. I am about 90% gypsy and have lived in some wonderful places, including 25 years on Maui, as well as California, both Northern and Southern, Reno NV and Lake Tahoe, Breckenridge, Aspen and Boulder Colorado, Santa Fe NM, Washington state and Nashville and Knoxville TN, and Dallas TX.  I have been lucky to be able to spend time in most of the western states and am always ready to see someplace new whenever the opportunity arises. I am currently living in the Boulder CO. area but travel to see clients in several states and maintain a national and international clientele by phone. I welcome your calls with questions or a friendly chat so call any time – 615-390-4776 or email me at robinmanteris@gmail.com

Check out my monthly newsletter about the current month’s planetary picture. If you would like it sent to your email box email me with Astro Bits in the subject line. Also, the Asteroid News page is always updated and if you have something you would like to share just email it to me.

Happy Transits!