Asteroid Astrology

Asteroid Astrology

Is Your Name in the Stars ?

Chart delineations have included the four major asteroids, Juno, Vesta, Ceres, and Pallas Athena for some time. These four large asteroids orbit in a belt between Mars and Jupiter and are referred to as the asteroid goddesses and they represent the feminine roles in our charts of both men and women. The sign and house placement and the aspects to the other factors in the chart give us all a deeper understanding of our feminine side.

The use of the minor name asteroids are a fairly recent addition to chart interpretation and are receiving a great deal of attention with some astrologers since they provide very precise meanings and add depth to chart interpretations. I personally have been totally “hooked” on them. I have a program with 13,000 name asteroids on it that can be calculated for any date to use in individual charts or transits to the chart in predictive work. They are uncanny. When I discovered that the names of my children are on my chart’s ascendant, along with the asteroid “child”, they had my total attention.  Here are a few ways that I can add details to your chart by using these incredible orbiting rocks.

Names – The placement of your name and the names of your loved ones will tell you how you identify yourself and how your loved ones impact your life.

 Mythical Names – They tell a psychological story. The asteroids that connect to your chart will describe your own personal mythology.

Names of places – It is uncanny to see how the names of places by placement in our charts will describe our experiences there. This is very useful as an additional re-location technique.

Names of Love – There are several asteroids named for different types of love – passionate love, platonic love, love with friendship, mutual love and unrequited love. Not only do they tell you about your own slant on the subject but they are dynamite in doing relationship comparisons between two charts.

Names of occupations – You will be surprised at how many asteroid names describe occupations. Having spent a lifetime involved in a myriad of vocations in addition to my Astrology, I made a list of them and to my amazement everyone of them fell on planets in my chart that were about career, work and money! All of the astrology names were connected to the career area and Astrowizard and Stargazer fall on my moon in my career house. This is interesting in hind sight but the real value is in locating those that are pertinent to your chart when you are looking for a new career or checking them out for your college age child when they are uncertain about a path to take.

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