Relationship Astrology

Relationship Astrology

Life is about relationships. We start out forming relationships in our family circle then with our school mates and friends and then with our lovers and spouses and our children and theirs! How we relate to others is nicely coded in our astrology charts. Our attitudes about love and friendship are clearly defined, as are the emotional challenges we face in the many types of relationships that we engage in throughout our lives. If we are going to be able to have healthy happy relationships, we have to know ourselves first. What do we need from others? What are we prepared to give? What are the secret agendas that we carry subconsciously? These are all symbolized by the aspects and other factors in our astrology charts. There are several different ways to approach relationship issues with astrology. These are some of the methods I use.

The Natal Chart and Planetary Aspects
The first thing we need to know is how you personally approach relationships and what your attitude and issues are in an over-all sense. Because Venus symbolizes the love urge, I look to see what positive or challenging aspects are involved. Venus with Mars symbolizes romantic love and how they aspect each other and what other planets aspect each is another clue to how you feel about romantic issues and how you react when in a romantic relationship. The Sun and Moon are also symbolic of the Male/Female polarity and tell us much about our parents as well as how we function as adult men and women. Mercury is important because it shows us how we communicate and communication is the cornerstone of any relationship. The midpoints connected to the planets and points in your chart will give me an even deeper understanding of how you relate to others.


 The second tool I use is called synastry and is a method of comparing the planets of one person to the planets in the other person’s chart. This tells us how one person will react to the other and how each will impact the other person. There are no perfect charts so we will look at the positive interactions as well as the more difficult aspects between the individuals. Often, where there are relationship conflicts between two people, just understanding the other person’s relationship style will improve the over all union considerably. Understanding ourselves and the other persons relationship patterns create more tolerance and understanding and gives us a way to make our relationships work.

Composite Charts

 Lastly, we can combine the two charts into one chart. It is called a composite chart and symbolizes the relationship as its own entity. A composite chart is not only great for describing the relationship but works very well when you are tracking transits that affect the couple as a unit such as a house sale or a move for instance. When an astrologer has accurate charts to work with, we can help you understand your relationships and improve the quality of those that are difficult.


 The little named asteroids are quite revealing in chart comparison. Where each persons name falls in the other persons chart will tell a lot about how that person will impact you. I am finding this invaluable when there are names available! The other way I use the asteroids is to take the ones that are concerned with love and see how they are working in the individual charts and in cross aspects to each other. There are asteroids symbolizing erotic love, platonic love, friends and lovers, mutual love, unrequited love and love/hate relationships. They have proven to be very accurate indicators and I love having them in my tool box.

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