Astrology Readings

Astrology Readings

Full Service Personal Astrology Readings by Phone

My astrology readings are primarily done over the phone . I can usually set an appointment within a week depending on my schedule. I also do readings by email which lends itself to updates when time is limited by the client.

An astrology reading requires the charts to be run and an analysis done before the actual session occurs. I am happy to run any supporting charts in addition to your own such as a spouse’s chart (with their permission). The focus of our session will be directed by you so that we can work on your issues. Normally I will work with your natal chart and what it tells me about you as well as the transits, directions, and current planetary cycles that are affecting you. Specialties in any session can include relocation astrology, asteroids, career or relationship comparison charts.

I take all major credit and check debit cards, or a prepaid check or money order. Call me for an appointment or questions at 615-390-4776 or email me at

What I need from you

Please email me your birth date, correct time and place of birth and your phone number. (your reading will be as accurate as the accuracy of your birth time!)

90 minute taped astrology reading – $145
60 minute taped phone astrology reading – $95
30 minute phone or email astrology update – $ 55

Contact: Robin Manteris