Career Astrology

Career Astrology

What am I going to be when I grow up? We start thinking about that question as children and for a large group of us, we continue to ask it throughout our lives. Blessed are those who know exactly what they want to do and do it for a lifetime joyfully. The rest of us just keep hoping to find “the perfect job or business” as it constantly eludes us. Or, we get into a job or profession for a long period of time then by choice or chance need to change to something different. Perhaps we have outgrown it or it has become obsolete in the market place. In any case, that is when an astrologer can help a client find a new path.

These are some of the methods I use to help you find your career path or true vocation.

Transits & Planetary Cycles

First I look for timing in your chart. If there has been a loss of a job, I need to see the timing that is appropriate to secure a new position. The transits to your chart and the planetary cycles that you are experiencing are the tools I use to determine your best windows of opportunity. You can re-work your resume but the key to a new job is your timing in delivering it, because we all know that timing is everything! The other situation where transits and cycles are important are when you are feeling the need for a change in your occupation or career path. Planetary cycles play a big part in this case. There are several predictable cycles that occur in everyone’s life at about the same time – The Saturn returns at about ages 30 and 60 and the Uranus opposition in the early 40’s, other wise known as the mid-life crises. When the appropriate cycles and transits are in place we need to look at timing if you know what you want to change to.  Find out how these techniques work in predictive astrology.

The Natal Chart, Aspects and Midpoints

If you know you are ready for change but are uncertain about what you want, then I need to look at your natal chart with all the aspects and midpoints for clues to your aptitudes in different fields of work. Astrologers look at the signs the planets are in and the houses of the chart that they occupy. The 10th is your public life and career, the 6th your everyday work routine and the 2nd house rules your money and how you make it. The relationship of the planets to each other are called aspects and they are indicators of how the planets work in your chart in either challenging or supportive ways. Midpoints are the point between two planets and are very powerful in their own right. When they connect to the Midheaven, Ascendant or planets in your chart, they tell some very detailed stories. These are all clues to your vocational aptitudes and preferences.


In addition to our other methods and tools, we are now empowered with adding the asteroids in the chart for detail that we have never had before! There are over 11,000 of them that astronomers have tracked and named and now some astrologers, including myself, are using this information to fill in the details of the chart. This works particularly well where we are trying to determine appropriate occupations when an individual is changing careers or just beginning to be ready to choose one. There are asteroids to describe most every occupation imaginable and they work in uncanny ways that totally amaze me. In my own life I have had many types of occupations, including real estate, restaurants, fitness, weight loss counseling, art gallery work, retail sales and of course Astrology counseling. There is an asteroid for all of them and 4 asteroids that symbolize astrology. All of them connect to my chart in the career and money areas that are appropriate. Having discovered that I started checking charts of everyone I knew and the synchronicity was astounding. Now I always use them for mid-life career changes and do many charts for Students who are looking for their college major. In relocation charts I have found that certain occupations as described by the asteroids will take prominence in that particular place. Another very handy tool to use! Learn more about these powerful little rocks on the Asteroid Astrology page.

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