Predictive Astrology

Predictive Astrology

Predict the Future and understand your Current Cycles!

Predictive astrology, also called forecasting, Interprets future cycles and possible future events through methods using the present placement of the planets, called astrology transits, as well as symbolic timing methods such as secondary progressions, solar arc directions and planetary returns. Predictive astrology practiced this way helps us understand the cycles we experience and how we respond to the influence of the planets as they make their charted transits.  Your personal circumstances will dictate how these work for you.  I use the information in your chart that indicates your personal issues to determine how the planets are likely to affect or motivate you.  If you are looking for prediction that tells you that you will meet a dark haired man/woman with blue eyes on March 5th and will marry that person, I am not the astrologer you are looking for.  I am concerned about how you handle the challenges in your life as well as the opportunities so that the knowledge will help you maximize your potential.

Transits are real. They are the position of the planets for any given time. Where they aspect the natal planets in your chart will reflect the energies that are affecting you on your emotional and mental levels as well as on the event level. What happens to you during a transit emotionally, mentally and spiritually is just as important as any events that occur. We will all experience our transits in accordance to our circumstances, age and current level of development. The transits of the outer planets are particularly important where our personal evolvement is concerned and contribute to our growth as human and spiritual beings. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto form cycles at approximately the same ages for everyone, thereby creating not only childhood cycles, but adult cycles for our entire lives. Understanding these passages of time is crucial to our development and the changes that are required of us.

Secondary Progressions & Solar Arc directions
Secondary progressions and solar arc directions are symbolic timing methods used by most astrologers. My personal preference is the use of solar arc directions where all the planets and points in the chart move approximately a degree each year in accordance to the motion of the natal Sun. It is a very accurate timing method and I run a directed chart for every consultation.

Planetary Returns
Planetary returns are calculated for the exact moment that the Sun, Moon or planet returns to it’s natal degree. This gives us a chart as an overview for the period of time it takes to make the next return. The Sun will give us our year ahead, while the moon will give us a view of the coming month. These are all valuable tools in an astrologer’s predictive kit.

Predictive astrology is a powerful tool for coping with our challenging cycles and maximizing the potential for our positive transits. I call this part of the consultation “what’s happening now and how long is it going to last!” A predictive consultation a couple of times a year can keep you on track and on your game.

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