Relocation Astrology

Relocation Astrology

Traditional Relocation

The purpose of relocation astrology is to maximize the positive potential in your chart when you have choices or to understand how a location other than where you were born will emphasis factors in your chart differently than your natal chart. The planet aspects will remain the same but the angles – MC & ASC – and house cusps will change by degree and sometimes by sign. Different planets and midpoints will be in close aspect to the new relocated angles, indicating different influences in the new location. When we do traditional relocation astrology, we calculate the chart as if you were born in that location. We look at any changes that the planets make in the houses but more importantly, we look at what planets, midpoints (and asteroids) are in close aspect to the new MC and ASC. They will indicate an easier or more difficult energy in the new location and the challenges we may face there. I have lived in many places and spent time in many more and have found the relocation charts to be very accurate in portraying my experiences and feelings about these places. It is important to look at the transits in the relocated chart too. It is common to find a place that it generally very positive for you but experience possible difficult transits for a limited amount of time. I also look at the directed midpoints for the new location and have found that they indeed influence the experience for the time they are in orb to the relocated angles of the new chart.

Astrology Maps

Astrology Maps are popular and very handy for an over view. There are many programs available for computers which will draw the lines through the map where your natal planets fall. Locations having a well aspected planet going through them are desirable. You can see the big picture this way and get some ideas on areas to do more research on. They will normally show the planets that are on the ASC or MC in various places and many will also track the local space lines.

Local Space

Local Space tracks the planets lines from your birth place around the planet. This gives a different or additional slant to the influences in new places. Putting this together with traditional relocation techniques gives us a more complete picture. Midpoints can also be tracked this way. Local space can be done on a relocated chart as well and is very good for finding the best areas of your new town for you and the ones to stay away from. This is particularly valuable if you are house hunting or looking for a space to lease for your business.

There are many uses for relocation astrology – A move for a fresh start, areas to advertise your business in or just great spots for vacations. If you have the luxury or being able to make a choice, use relocation astrology to find the best place for you. If you are moving to a place without a choice use it to know what to expect in your new area and maximize the positive aspects you have there while dealing effectively with any negative influences.

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