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June 2016

I hope you all are having a great Memorial Day with family, friends and lot’s of sunshine. We are about to move into June so let’s see what is in the Cosmos for us.


Saturn and Neptune are both going retrograde this month. Neptune is lingering at 12/11 Pisces so if this falls into your chart you may be inclined to question your spiritual path or if you have creative projects, a re-work may be important this month.


Saturn brings up a different situation as it moves from 13 Sag to 11 Sag, where it was in January. Think back and see if you had business or career issues at that time. If so, you may have to take a second look and see if you are going in the right direction. Take this month to reassess the practical side of life and how you want it structured. Saturn addresses long term issues and this is an opportunity to make sure you are on the right track. Jupiter is in a wide square to Saturn which is a nice assist for success in any changes you make in your career or business. Mars will go direct at the end of the month at 23 Scorpio but will be included in the energy around Jupiter which will give it the power to drive what ever is important for change.


The Sun and Venus are traveling together in Gemini and then in Cancer around the 3rd week This is a very social combination with the emphasis on friendships the first part of the month and social family get together’s the last half of the month. This is a great way to start of the summer!


Mercury makes it into 3 signs this month. It starts with Taurus, then into Gemini mid month and Cancer on the 30th. Mercury in Taurus has us thinking about our finances and possessions, then turns into contacts with family and friends and those little summer getaways. Sounds like vacation time to me!


The New Moon on the 5th will be at 15 Gemini aspecting Venus and Jupiter which is a clear call to enjoy the delights of summer and may bless some of you with a wonderful romance. In any case open up to friendships and social occasions.


The Full Moon on the 20th will be at 29 degrees of Sagittarius in a hard aspect to Uranus. Big and unexpected changes are going to surprise some of you. Embrace what is new and think outside the box


That’s it for June. Enjoy and let the good times roll!


Happy Transits,