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 October, 2017

Astro Bits 

Hello Everyone,

Hello Everyone,
Fall has fell, the leaves are beautiful colors and here we are in a whole new season. Let’s see what the planets have in mind for us this month.

There is not much movement for the outer planets except for Jupiter who moves out of Libra into Scorpio on the 11th. Legal matters, partnerships and other alliances will fade out as Jupiter conveys a more intense vibration regarding striving for success.

With the inner planets, Mars leaves Virgo into Libra on the 23rd, Mid month, while still in Virgo, it teams up with Venus, opening the door for romance possibly connected with business.

Venus leaves Virgo into Libra on the 15th, shifting it’s attention to relationships and partnerships. The fun doesn’t stop there, because Venus then makes contact with Uranus and anything wild can go on with relationships if you have this going on in your chart this month. Out of blue and maybe not lasting, but certainly not a boring relationship encounter!

Mercury goes into Virgo on the 18th. The vibration shifts from relationships, creativity and legal matters
to getting all our marbles in a row and taking care of business. It connects with Jupiter mid month, opening the door for business trips that could be quite successful. Contracts can work out well during this time period. If you have something brewing make it happen on this transit!

Looking at the big boys we see Jupiter and Uranus opposite each other on the first week. This can bestow some out of the blue good luck and if this drops in your lap, grab it and go with it! You may think this is too good to me true, but put that away and go for the gold ring!

We have a Full Moon on Oct.5th at 13 Aries, opposite of Mercury. Think conclusions for contracts and travel and time to wrap up your project.

The New Moon at 26 Libra brings in Mars and Uranus. Powerful energy for new starts but everyone, make sure you don’t run over folks with your enthusiasm. The down side of this can be accidents so slow down and stay safe.

Enjoy the new season and drink in the gorgeous fall colors. Hey, and Happy Halloween!

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