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 December, 2017

Astro Bits 

Hello Everyone,
I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  Here in Colorado, the sun is shinning, the grass is still green and we are not wearing jackets today.  It doesn’t get better than this!  That said, let’s take a look at the planets for December.
A heads up on our Mercury retrograde.  It goes direct on December 23rd just in time for the holiday.  Hopefully there will be few snafus in travel for Christmas.  Just in case, get ahead of the game and give yourself some extra time if you are traveling.
Jupiter starts out the month at 11 Scorpio, trining Neptune at 11 Pisces.  For the most part that is a very pleasant transit where dreams can come true and we are at our best where charity and good will is concerned.  On a practical level gains in business come easily as long as we stay on the high side.  On the low side stay away from behaviors that could cause you scandals.  On the world stage it often causes political conflicts and we are experiencing that as I write this.  Believe me there will be more to come!
Saturn is transiting from 28 Sag to 1 cap this month.  The first 10 days sees it aspecting our Mercury in retrograde so it is very important to be clear when communicating and avoid criticism.  There is a tendency with this to be very blunt and although what you say is truthful, try to avoid hurting the feelings of other people.  It is also a good idea to stay on top of your travel plans and have a back up just in case.  From a business perspective, this may be the prelude for those of you to getting the deal done.  Travel may be included in finishing the transaction.  In all cases, keep in mind that Uranus is also aspecting Saturn, along with Mars the first week,  which can cause us to be intolerant of anything holding us back from what we want to do.  If something is holding you up from what you want to accomplish, use the Uranian energy to find a unique solution and keep a hold on your temper!
Saturn and Venus mate up on the last week of December which is good for business partnerships for the most part, but can be difficult in personal relationships, which will require honesty and flexibility to overcome conflicts.  In some cases, partners may have to work out a plan to re-structure the relationship so it works for both parties.  In other cases, this may be the time to let go and separate.
The Full Moon occurs on Dec. 3rd at 12 Gemini aspecting the fore mentioned, Jupiter and Neptune aspect. This sets a great mood for the coming holidays.  If you are completing a project, this should go very well and easily done.
The New Moon occurs on the 18th at 26 Sag with an aspect from Uranus which can open us up to new ideas and the desire to explore new adventures.  It also pickups Saturn so your travel may be all about business.  Keep open to new ideas in all areas of your life.
I will end this today wishing all of you a great holiday and a perfect ending to 2017.  Do you wish list for 2018 and don’t hold back…..go for the brass ring!  I wish you all the best ever new year of 2018!
Happy Holidays,