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May 2018
Astro Bits 

Hello Everyone,

Hopefully you are enjoying Spring with everything coming to life again. May flowers are certainly decorating my neighborhood and they are delicious. Let’s see what the stars have in store.

The outer planets have Saturn retrograde at 8 Capricorn creating a need to take care of business and back track to see if you are on the “right” track. You may have to re-think your plan before you go forward with action. This is all about being practical and taking advice that will be forthcoming. Listen and and wait to take action until you are sure of your path. Mercury is squaring Saturn and trying to help this process, however, since it is retrograde now, turning direct mid month, wait until you have all the facts in before you make your decisions. Neptune is also aspecting this duo, so beware of rose colored glasses when looking at your options. Stick with the Saturn influence.

Uranus is moving slowly through the last degrees of Aries, going in to Taurus mid month. This will turn your attention to your money matters. It will create an urge for speculation in business, and the emotional feeling to go for the gold! You may feel like putting all your eggs in one basket but before you do, take a minute and look at the advantages and the down side of risk before you take action. Mars is active in this transit for the first week which puts even more desire to jump right in and do it. I would recommend letting it pass out before making decisions.

Neptune is holding at 16 Pisces, aspecting Venus the 2nd week which is an alert to avoid rose colored glasses when it comes to your relationships. If he or she seems to good to be true, it probably is so keep your head clear and your heart protected.

Pluto is retrograde and hanging in there at 21 Capricorn, making a brief contact with Mercury around the end of the 1st week. resist the urge to say hurtful things. You may regret it for a long time if you let yourself go for it.

The New Moon falls on 24 Taurus on the 15th, aspecting Mercury and Saturn in hard aspects, indicating that we need get serious and practical where our money and assets are concerned. It is time to roll up the sleeves take count of what our financial needs are and how to accomplish this in a positive way for the future.

The Full Moon occurs on the 29th at 8 Sag with Neptune and Mercury making aspects. The upside is a completion of any creative projects you are involved in, however, be watchful to not let yourself fall into self deception and lack of clarity when making decisions. Keep this energy in the positive!

That’s all for now. Enjoy the Spring and get outdoors!

Robin Manteris